Flex Faces and Famous Faces

Let’s face it, this blog isn’t about a red Starbuck’s cup… but it is about the opportunity Graphics MFG was given to put the face of the Starbucks “Siren” as well as the Arby’s logo on 126″ x 187″ penaflex faces and then installed onto a sign 40′ off the ground!

When we were contacted about this job our project manager knew the sign shop needed to be cleared out completely to make room for the massive size of these two penaflex faces. To achieve the look we used electro cut, translucent vinyl that is specifically designed for light boxes. The vinyl was cut using our oversized Graphtech cutter. Our production team definitely had to move as one unit when applying the electro cut, translucent vinyl and the application tape to the large penaflex faces. We can proudly say we completed production of the signs in 24 hours! Through our extensive list and great history with other vendors in the industry we were able to color match the required pantone call outs that were requested and have the signs installed.

Graphics MFG prides itself in quality work and quick turn around times. We don’t buckle under pressure of deadlines, we excel. Worried you might not make your deadline? Give us a call and let us make impossible, seem possible!

“To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” -Hugh Jackman

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