Flex Faces and Famous Faces

Let’s face it, this blog isn’t about a red Starbuck’s cup… but it is about the opportunity Graphics MFG was given to put the face of the Starbucks “Siren” as well as the Arby’s logo on 126″ x 187″ penaflex faces and then installed onto a sign 40′ off the ground!

When we were contacted about this job our project manager knew the sign shop needed to be cleared out completely to make room for the massive size of these two penaflex faces. To achieve the look we used electro cut, translucent vinyl that is specifically designed for light boxes. The vinyl was cut using our oversized Graphtech cutter. Our production team definitely had to move as one unit when applying the electro cut, translucent vinyl and the application tape to the large penaflex faces. We can proudly say we completed production of the signs in 24 hours! Through our extensive list and great history with other vendors in the industry we were able to color match the required pantone call outs that were requested and have the signs installed.

Graphics MFG prides itself in quality work and quick turn around times. We don’t buckle under pressure of deadlines, we excel. Worried you might not make your deadline? Give us a call and let us make impossible, seem possible!

“To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” -Hugh Jackman

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Utensils for Stencils

Using the right utensils for stencils!

American Apparel was creating their new store at Victoria Gardens located in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. when the construction company contacted Graphics MFG for intricate CNC cut stencils.These stencils were to be used during painting to create a one of a kind look on the exterior walls of the American Apparel store.

Graphics MFG finalized the design using CAD software and CNC routed out the shapes for the stencil using styrene material. This material gave the painters the flexibility while using the stencil and also providing the strength to uphold the length of the job.

At Graphics MFG we do more than just signs and graphics. Let us help with your next project and assist with meeting your work deadlines.

“Training for strength and flexibility is a must. You must use it to support your techniques. Techniques alone are no good if you don’t support them with strength and flexibility.” -Bruce Lee




Six Flags Project

Six Flags decided to create a “Screampunk District” where Twisted Colossus roller coaster was revamped.
Graphics MFG was able to be part of the designing of this project. This was a big project that required the help
of other company’s as well. This portion of the job was wings mixed with gears and other elements to give the
look and feel of “Steampunk”.

Wings assembled together to make sure everything fits. They will then broke down and sent off to

image2 (1)

The finished product assembled and ready for installation.


Thinking Signs Outside The Box

An oversized Light Box Sign can be challenging when thinking about the mounting, fabrication and installation. But at Graphics MFG we always think outside the box to accomplish what our clients are asking for.

Marriott Fence wanted a behemoth sized LED Light Box Sign that spanned 5′ feet in height and 20′ feet in length to be installed on their new building located in Hesperia, CA. Graphics MFG worked with the client to achieve the design layout of the new light box sign. Once the design was completed Graphics MFG was faced with another challenge to cut the oversized Lexan sign material, as well as color matching the blue on the fabricated box that houses the signs face. With each challenge there was a solution to achieve the clients request. Part of exterior signage is getting your new sign approved with the city. Graphics MFG handles this crucial step of obtaining the sign permit through the city since it can get confusing when dealing with the different sign requirements. Once the sign permit was issued the sign was ready to be installed. With the LED lights this monster sign shines bright in Hesperia, CA!

Don’t let big projects overwhelm you, call Graphics MFG at 760.261.4358 for assistance! We specialize in oversized signs and are willing to think outside the box to accomplish your desired look.

“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and then take a sharp knife to it.” -Banksy

Professional Sign Installation

Professional Sign Installation

Lexan Sign Face

image2 (2)

Oversized Light Box with Lexan Face for Signage

Oversized Light Box with Lexan Face for Signage


Branding Style

They say style is a way to say who you are without even speaking and Graphics MFG does just that! In order to make your business stand out from the rest we make sure our business has the style needed to stand out from our competitors.

Speed and Style Barbershop, located in Whittier, CA. was opening their new barbershop with the style and design already in mind. This barbershop wanted to offer “Timeless Traditions for the Modern Man.” A place where men could go to kick up their feet, talk about cars with the fellas… all while getting a quality hair cut. In order to complete this vintage and timeless look Graphics MFG created over-sized wall art canvases, wooden store front signage and metallic gold vinyl window decals for their store.

These guys knew what they wanted in regards to style, which made the execution of the design, production and installation a flawless finish! Congratulations to Speed and Style Barbershop on their Grand Opening!

“Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” -Hunter S. Thompson

Window Vinyl Decals
Large Format Printing
Large Format Printing
Wrapped Canvas Wall Art and Prints
Custom Wrapped Canvas Wall Art
CNC Routed Letters for Store Front Signage
Custom Letters
CNC Routed, Painted and Stained Sign
Store Front Signage Installed

Character Cut-Out’s

Super Speed and Strength was needed when making these character cut-outs and standees! These characters were no joke standing at 72″ tall. Graphics MFG was able to CNC Route each shape for the characters, in house. The faces and bodies were printed in our shop and applied to the CNC routed standees.

Graphics MFG started in the entertainment industry doing signs, graphics and props. We have the resources and experience to make dreams into reality when it comes to set design, production and event staging.

“In ever job that must be done, there is an element of fun!”- Mary Poppins

CNR Routed & Printed Displays

CNR Routed & Printed Displays

Grand Opening Tour

Graphics MFG has been busy installing various marketing and promotional advertisement items for Family Dollars and Dollar Trees across Southern California! Banners, Pennant Flags, Roof and Landscape Sails gallore… who could ask for more?! What better way to grab your customers attention with colorful waiving flags that announce your Grand Opening. Graphics MFG takes the time to ensure the placement of your promotional items match your vision. We offer installation of the marketing materials as well as removal.

Graphics MFG would like to make your Grand Opening or Special Event stand out from the rest and be the BEST!

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” – Mark Twain

Promo1 Promo2 Promo3 Promo4 Promo5 Promo6 Promo7 Promo8

Doctor Ordered Channel Letters

We aren’t medical doctors but we like to think of ourselves as sign doctors. Depending on what type of sign is needed we asses and evaluate our clients needs. Graphics MFG had the pleasure of doing illuminated channel letters for Victor Valley Women’s Center in Victorville, CA. Graphics MFG also designed and installed the bottom portion of their marquee sign for the OPEN MRI/Victor Valley Women’s Center.

The channel letters were cut and routed on our CNC Router. The black return’s were made to fit like a glove around each letter. Once the channel letters were perfected we were eager to install the illuminated channel letters on the building, but before we could install we painted the wall so it would have a clean backdrop for the signs.

Whether you have front lit, open face, reverse or halo channel letters, Graphics MFG is the one stop sign shop! We make the sign permit package for your company and we handle the process from start to finish. These type of projects can be overwhelming for our clients and Graphics MFG makes this an effortless sign experience for all of our customers.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin

channel1  channel2 channel3  marquee


Food Cart’s Roll Out

Who doesn’t love a good food cart? Churros, Italian Ice, Respados, Kettle Corn… the list goes on! The Outlets at Orange (formerly known as The Block) needed a way to unify all their food cart vendors and give them an Orange County look that vibes with their existing outdoor shopping mall. Graphics MFG knew just what to do with the carts in order to make this effortless for our clients. Graphics MFG designed the layout to be approved by Simon Property Management. Printing of the graphics were ready to go with a quick turn around time. Graphics MFG followed up and coordinated the installation times with the assortment of food vendors. The vendors, mall management and the property management company were all pleased with the vinyl cart wraps.

Helping our clients coordinate a large project that consist of multiple vendors is always a service we enjoy being a part of. Large projects like this can be overwhelming and that is where Graphics MFG industry knowledge in signage and graphics, best services our clients.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” -Mother Theresa

Food Vendor Cart Graphics

Food Vendor Cart Graphics

Tools for School Signs

Creating an environment with signage that kids and adults can take pride in was definitely the fun part about the job given to us by Greentree East Elementary School in Victorville, CA. The principal wanted to bring an exciting look to the cafeteria, while still incorporating, “The 7 Habits” by author Steven Covey. Graphics MFG decided to make each of the 7 habits into its own sign. Each sign was mounted to a sign substrate and then installed on the cafeteria wall using stand offs. The hot lunch line also needed re-vamping so we created the “Coyote Cafe.” This was designed, printed and installed by Graphics MFG.

We were extremely pleased to hear that the staff and students were enthusiastic about the updates made to their school cafeteria.

Graphics MFG is experienced in school branding, re-branding, marketing and signage. If you are looking to bring back pride to your school campus give us a call at 760.261.4358 for a quote!

“Start with the end in mind. ” -Stephen R. Covey

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school signage

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