Madness 8 at Ontario Mills

Space Utilization is Key! Our client, Madness 8 came to Graphics MFG to use as their visual merchandiser. After meeting with the client we knew we had to create a compact, t-shirt cart display for Ontario Mills. We needed to build something that gave our client storage and advertisement. Graphics MFG began by designing the cabinets in CAD to show precise measurements and dimensions that are required by Simon Malls. After approvals the cabinets were able to be CNC Routed and Assembled.

Graphics MFG was able to deliver and install the T-shirt Display and matching wood-laminate cabinets for the cash wrap side, on time as guaranteed. Madness 8 had a seamless Grand Opening!

CAD Drawings of Retail Merchandising Unit:


Custom Cabinets being sanded and painted:



Delivery and Installation of Wood and Plexi Storage/ Display Cabinets. As well as matching Wood-Laminate Cash Wrap Cabinets:


Final Look of Retail Merchandising Unit with shirts displayed: